April 18, 2020

Large prints look stunning in a room

Soft lighting makes a photo

As I write this, I am anticipating the courier delivery of large Giclee dog prints from the photo lab. I am always excited opening the box and viewing the crispness and detail of prints at 60 x 40 cm.  In this age of the iPhone when literally millions of photos are taken each second , very few are ever even printed. It seems we don’t cherish prints like we used to.  

Each dog portrait shoot can take between 1 and 2 hours to achieve, plus time with any retouching. Precise positioning of lighting , diffused to give soft highlights on the eyes, as apposed to the harsh light approach. Then there’s capturing the right look from the dog, this can take a while. Dogs tend to find the studio interesting so have a good sniff about and take time to settle.  I never snap away taking loads of shots in a photo session, usually about 20-30 shots. Out of the shots there will only be a 2-3 good ones. Making a precise judgement by pressing the shutter at the right second is what makes a photograph special.  And of course it requires time and loads of patience.

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